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  There are games and sports facilites, physical exercises and other outdoor activities like Martial Art, Gymnastics, Lawn Tennis, Skating etc. Competent coaches give guidance and instructions.
Students are prepared to be strong in mind & body and spirit to face the challenges of modern society. No effort is being spared to develop in them a sense of nationalism, appreciation of Indian art and culture and pride in our rich heritage. In short the development of modern outlook without sacrificing " Indianness". We have NSS right from junior level - young Clubs and Bulbuls are awakened to the true patriotic spirit.  

  Remal Public School organized an Inter-House Character Dramatization & Monologue Competition for classes VI-VIII and IX-X held on 21st July 2011 respectively by Laxmi Bai House. It provided a forum for students to develop an understanding of themselves and others. The students played the roles with great enthusiasm, beautifully presenting the essence of the characters they played. To put forth an authentic presentation, they uses various props and costumes pertaining to the character they play. The scenes from various books such as Macbeth, Julius Ceaser, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Oliver Twist were dramatized beautifully. At the core of each work that expressed soared, lyrical monologues, song, laughter, pain and rich content of English Literature. The competition was open for classes IX-X. The acts were praise worthy and were well appreciated by the judges and the students. Mr. Rohit Bajaj, Principal appreciated the zest and passion of the participants. Some of the performances of Chhavi VIA, Harshita VI A, Vanshika VI B, Harshal VI B, Tarun VII, Shivi VII, Mansi VII received curtain calls from the spectators. Over all it was a successful one.
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